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Dean Street Elementary School Staff Directory

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  • All Dean Street staff can be reached by calling our main office at 815.338.1133.
  • For those who have created a personal webpage, a link to the page is provided in the Webpage column.
Name/Email Position Webpage
Larson, Vicki Principal Webpage
Dhom, Maribeth Secretary to Principal Webpage
Afeld, Kelly Attendance Secretary  
Beattie, Debbie Associate  
Becker, Scott Special Education Webpage
Blackman, Christine Associate  
Borchardt, Lisa Special Education Webpage
Bruce, Joe 3rd Grade Dual Language Webpage
Chohan, Saira Associate  
Cuadrado, Maria Bilingual LBSI  
Flood, Katie Art Webpage
Fuller, Jay Physical Education Webpage
Gomez, Marcos Kindergarten Dual Language  
Hackbart, Pat Occupational Therapist Webpage
Heitz, Nancy 5th Grade Webpage
Jacobson, Katie 4th/5th Dual Language  
Kaminski, Rita Library Media Specialist Webpage
Kling, Amber 5th Grade  
Laidig, Shanon Literacy Coach  
Lee, Valerie 2nd Grade/Dual Language  
Martin-Bellavia, Mary Beth LRC Associate  
Mayer, Vicky 2nd Grade  
McArdle, Deb Food Service  
Metcalf, Sandy Associate  
Meyer, Sean Multi-grade ED Classroom  
Muehler, Tracie Associate  
Nava, Carmen 1st Grade Dual Language Webpage
Oberman, Sue 1st Grade & 2nd Grade Webpage
Patterson, Julia Special Education Resource Webpage
Plumb, Marci Psychologist Webpage
Raña, Irene 4th & 5th Grade Bilingual  
Roberts, Sandy Food Service Manager  
Ruiz de Leon, Beatriz Pre-K Bilingual  
Ryan, Linda Associate  
Schrock, Carla Nurse  
Schweihs, Deb Band Webpage
Sharpe, Carolyn Music Webpage
Swanson, Stephanie Associate  
Trebes, Kelli Speech/Language  
Vidals, Angelica Associate  
Vincenzo, Dick Head Custodian  
Walker, Renee Counselor  
Weger, Jamie 4th Grade  
Yarc, Deb 4th Grade Webpage
Zieman, Melanie Associate  

























































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